Thank you for visiting AretéStaffNetTM. Our mission is to put you in control of your scheduling needs quickly and conveniently. We use the Internet to connect agencies, healthcare professionals and hospitals or other employers in an automated fashion. Not only does this make the staffing process more efficient and effective, but also it gives you Internet access to resolve your immediate staffing needs.

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As a nurse or other healthcare professional, AretéStaffNetTM makes it possible for you to enter your availabilities, view and print your schedule and find shifts that meet your needs. You can track all of those requirements you need for compliance, such as CPR, license, continuing education, and more. No longer are you tied to the telephone or receive constant calls, you take control. You can specify your exact desires for work, allowing us to offer you only shifts that meet your needs. All of this is free; just contact us to set up your online account.

As a hospital, or employer of healthcare personnel, AretéStaffNetTM will take the pain out of your supplemental staffing process. Rather than calling an agency, you can enter your requirements online. Review your open orders and scheduled items online at any time. Replace timesheet paperwork with an online log of employee arrival and departure information, making corrections as necessary in real time. Finally, AretéStaffNetTM will ease your life by providing you with comprehensive reporting on the business you do with us. Approve timesheets immediately, resolving any invoicing conflicts before they begin. Email us for a demonstration of these services or to set-up your on-line capabilities.

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